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Really like the new #teamworkchat congrats to everyone @teamwork
@garycocs Feb 3, 2015
I've been using Teamwork.com for about 3 weeks now. Before, my team was using Trello, Desk.com, emails, and a several other services to coordinate projects and appointments. Teamwork's integration between their Projects software, Chat software, and Desk helpdesk is simply incredible. 

Having software that talks to itself, is easy and intuitive, and comes with all these features at a very reasonable price is terrific. I give two thumbs up and recommend this to any team trying to stay organized. Well done!
Kelly Executive Assistant
@teamwork Teamwork projects, desk and chat?!? Can you guys get anymore awesome ;)
@LesterEWR Apr 9, 2015
I've worked as a manager for two other companies in the past. Both companies had the CEO off the premise for most of the time and communications were very difficult at best. 

Now, I work with a company that uses Teamwork and I work in a different USA state than my boss. Our project management is a breeze! Teamwork lets me create events, tasks, reminders, have chats with people, send messages and do SO much more - all from the same platform. 

We do a lot of virtual meetings with GoToMeeting and Skype and the Notebook feature Teamwork has, lets me easily keep notes and quickly send them out to the team without having to type up long emails or set a reminder to do it later.

Teamwork has taken the place of Excel, Outlook (emails), Google Drive, and Desk.com. We use Teamwork Projects, Chat, and Helpdesk for all our company management and could not be happier. 

Thank you Teamwork for creating such a robust, yet intuitive software system.

As a project manager for an inter-national company who works regularly with India, the Philippians, Europe, and the USA I highly recommend Teamwork for anyone who wants to stay on-top of what they and their team is doing.
Kelly Project Manager
Just discovered code formatting in @teamwork Chat. THANK YOU
@aarondicks Aug 12, 2016
uh-oh @SlackHQ! @teamwork just introduced a dedicated comms app. Discussion + Tasks in once place? I could get with that
@Robjekt Jan 30, 2015
@TransactionPro We use @teamwork chat which is built into our project management software.
@kninjaknetwork Mar 16, 2017
@teamwork Really loving @teamwork chat! I'm so ready to replace iMessage. Nice work y'all! #productivity #teamworkchat #app
@GraceMCline Jan 30, 2015
Slack? No thanks. Teamwork Chat gives our team everything we need to replace email and get things done. Plus, it integrates seamlessly with the entire Teamwork suite, so it only adds to the magic of their all-in-one solution. Bufftastic!
Joe Howard Head Buff at Head Buff
We are absolutely DELIGHTED with Teamwork Projects. We have been using Basecamp Classic since 2007 and got to the point where the feature/functional limitations were negatively impacting our business. Over the years, we looked at other systems, including the new Basecamp, but did not move forward since the improvements were incremental. In some cases, mission critical features, such as dependencies and time tracking were non-existent. 

Several weeks ago, we make the decision to take another run at finding a new project system. I visited Capterra and read the summaries of various systems. Teamwork really stood out. In fact, the team here at Find8 was quite skeptical that this brilliant system actually existed.

We signed up for a demo account. Each step along the way we kept thinking, “Where’s the flaw?” However, with each project, setting and task that we set up, we found that Teamwork Projects did everything as promised.

We finished our migration from Basecamp yesterday. The import process was flawless! Our clients have all switched over, too, as we sent them instructions about how to login with a new password. At the end of the day we held our first status meeting using Teamwork Projects. Again, we were delighted. The reporting system gave us the details AND high level views that we need to effectively run our business.

It’s like you read our minds when designing Teamwork Projects. It has everything we’ve been looking for, and more. We didn’t realize that using iOS Messenger was so lame when compared to Teamwork Chat Beta. Wow, we can assign tasks right from a message. OMG, we can run Happiness reports with Teamwork Desk to gauge customer satisfaction. Overall, we are so IMPRESSED!
Karla Shelton Chief Digital Strategist at Find8 Digital www.findeight.com
This morning we are thankful for @teamwork's Teamwork Chat... because #Apple iMessages is nothing but a headache.
@D4Marketing Jan 30, 2015
I'm really impressed how fast and motivated you guys are! You're doing really great work on this software and everyone I show it is impressed by the simplicity of all the Teamwork.com products.
Andreas Schimmelpfennig Elastique. We design.
Just discovered @teamwork's beta chat feature. This day just got awesome. #agencylife #coworkerchat
@JessOB1kenobi Nov 18, 2015
@teamwork ah ha thank you, we're all loving the chat in the studio!! So good with Teamwork projects!
@DigitalPikey Sep 14, 2015
Christmas has come early... @teamwork has added a search feature to Chat and it's amazing :D Game changer.
@lucy_whufc Dec 20, 2016
Love it! It's only been 6 weeks and already there is a greater sense of purpose and order within  the company.  Nothing gets started without a Teamwork Project being created.  Now we're using Teamwork Desk & Teamwork Chat to support our customers too.
Christopher Brisley the COO at iamYiam Limited
Wow! @teamwork Chat is pretty impressive! These guys are killing it.
@pixelmelter Jan 30, 2015
This testimonial is long overdue!  I've been using Teamwork for 9-months now and loving every minute of it.  Here's why:

I co-founded non-profit practitioners' knowledge and advocacy network for micro hydropower in south and southeast Asia.  For 3-years we had been experimenting with different modes of internal communication.  As the network's coordinator, I have found great relief and excitement in using Teamwork for the following reasons:

1.  Rather than having to dig thru emails or listserve messages, with Teamwork I can ensure that all communication within the network can be found project-wise and country-wise.  This means that when new members join the network, they can easily get up-to-speed by reviewing the activities in each project.

2.  Before deciding on Teamwork, I reviewed nearly 10 other products.  I also trialed about half of them.  Teamwork clearly offers a combination that the others don't:  a suite of collaboration tools, an easy-to-use interface with wonderful tutorials, and an incredible customer support service -- all at a cost that is within our startup budget.

3.  Most importantly, Teamwork has given me hope that ready-made tools do exist and are accessible for our specific purpose, especially since Teamwork is always very careful to note my questions/concerns/wishlist and actually incorporate them!  It's fantastic feeling to know that the Teamwork team is always working to improve their products.

We will still have yet to use all of Teamwork's increasing set of features.  I'm especially exciting to use the new Chat and the updated Projects.
Dipti Vaghela Coordinator
After 3 months in pre-startup I want to give the biggest shoutout to Teamwork.com. Legends in your teacups! Better than tea; and sliced bread; better than creme eggs. The only thing to make sense of this addled brain. 

I gave ye an [unscripted] shoutout during my unrehearsed "Fever Pitch" at #openbankingproject's #hackmakethebank event in Belfast on Valentines Weekend. Have a laugh and see what Penneys users are doing with your product on youtube.com search for the above compound words with no 'hash'.

LOVE the new chat functionality; havent found it yet, but i LOVE the Buzz 

Tiogar Ceilteach CEO at Tiger Banks
Teamwork is amazing. We were looking for a multi-user, cloud-based, light, PM system for use by teams across various countries and time zones for managing large aid programs in developing countries. Some users are in places with limited Internet access, some have limited experience in IT and PM. We needed something flexible to non-standard requirements, user-friendly, simple, intuitive,and  easily integrated with other systems. We found it with Teamwork. 

We are very happy with the system and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it - in fact we already have! The Teamwork team are always on hand to help and share ideas, there is always something new adding yet more value - such as the new Chat feature. I'm seriously impressed.
Carrie Davies Trade Policy Advisor
We LOVE that you can create tasks directly from @teamwork messenger- great new feature! #productivity
@getorganised Mar 30, 2015
I have fallen more in love with @teamwork. Their project management, helpdesk and team chat solutions are making my life SO much easier
@LesleyJChristie Mar 31, 2015
@teamwork Our team is loving the Teamwork Chat! My favorite part - converting chats into tasks! <3 you guys! #projectmanagement
@yoanabrecker Dec 21, 2015
Wow @teamwork I love the TeamworkChat!! Perfect for a team, or a company!
@MarjieSnyder Feb 25, 2015

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