In October 2015 the Safe Harbour Privacy Principles were overturned and deemed invalid by the European Court of Justice. Originating from this is Privacy Shield, a new framework that protects the fundamental rights of anyone in the EU whose personal data is transferred to the United States.

When news broke that the Safe Harbour agreement was no longer valid we began receiving emails from our users who, regardless of the outcome and new legislation did not want their data stored in the US. Armed with this information, we set about investigating the possibility of hosting our services in the EU.

As of November 2016, we're happy to say that EU hosting is available across our three products: Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Desk, and Teamwork Chat.

What you need to know

  • EU hosting is available from our data centres in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Once you're on EU hosting your site URL will look something like
  • A limited amount of information will be stored on US servers e.g meta data such as installation ID, however, none of this data is personally identifiable
  • Payment is still made in US dollars.
  • Existing users: after you contact us below, we expect a three to four hour wait in order to get you moved over to the EU. We'll do our best to do this at a time that is least disruptive and most convenient for you.
  • Please note that EU hosting only applies to our suite of products and does not cover any third-party operators. Click here for the full list of third-party operators that this applies to.

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