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  • Project Categories

    Project categories allow you to categorize your active projects as you see fit!

  • Project Dates

    Set start dates and end dates to your projects to make sure you stay on top of your work.

  • Starred Projects

    Keep all the projects that are important to you at the top of your list by starring them.

  • Project Activity Overview

    Get a snapshot view of what your team is up to with the project activity overview.

  • Project Roles

    Everyone has a role in a company, be it CEO, developer, marketer, etc.. Create Project Roles in Teamwork Projects for project contributors.

  • Project Observers

    Observer status is a way of giving people access to a project without making them primary project participants.

  • Project Features

    Only use the features you need. You can switch features on and off on a project-by-project basis.

  • Project Announcements

    Inform and update your team with project announcements.

  • Move or Copy Projects

    Set up a project template and move or copy it as many times as you like.

  • Project Integrations

    Use Teamwork Projects alongside the tools you already know and love. We have a ton of integrations that will make you life even easier.

  • Archive Projects

    Archive any old and unfinished projects that aren't currently being worked on.

  • Project Charts

    The project chart gives you a "Gantt" style view of your projects highlighting any milestones on the project date line.

  • Project Reports

    Gain valuable insights on your team's performance with project reports.

  • Notification Preferences

    Use notification preferences to set the triggers of what will notify your team.

  • Document Editor

    With the document editor you can edit files in Teamwork Projects without leaving the app.

Task Management

  • Task Lists

    Task lists are a way of organizing your tasks into groups according to the criteria that matters to you.

  • Tasks and Subtasks

    Create tasks and sub-tasks to break down your workload.

  • Assign to Multiple People

    Assign work to more than one person and ensure that individual teams complete the tasks.

  • Start and Due Dates

    Select start and due dates for tasks and keep your project's progress in check.

  • Task Description

    Expand on task requirements with task descriptions.

  • Attachments on Tasks

    Attach any relevant documents and images to your tasks.

  • Track and Log Time on Tasks

    Track or log the time you spend every day on billable and non-billable tasks, respectively.

  • Task Priorities

    Assign low, medium, or high priorities to tasks to ensure that the more urgent tasks get completed first.

  • Task Estimates and Progress

    Manage and plan your workload by adding estimates and progress on your tasks.

  • Tasks Dependencies

    Add task dependencies when one task requires the completion of another.

  • Recurring Tasks

    Create recurring tasks for tasks that need to be completed on a regular basis.

  • Task Reminders

    Set up email or text messages to remind your team about upcoming tasks.

  • Gantt Charts

    Record the progress of your projects with Gantt charts.

  • Tags on Tasks

    Categorize, search, and filter groups of tasks using tags.

  • Task Lists Templates

    Save time by creating and saving task list templates; use them when creating new similar task lists.

  • Task List Reports

    Gain valuable insights on your task lists using task list reports.

  • Task List Defaults

    Create default settings to task lists.

  • Comments on Tasks

    Collaborate with your team with comments on tasks.

  • Bulk Edit Tasks

    Save time when making changes to your tasks with bulk edits.

  • Import Tasks from Excel

    Import tasks from Excel directly into Teamwork Projects.


  • Link Task Lists to Milestones

    Attach relevant task lists to milestones. Once all the tasks are completed, you may check off the related milestone.

  • Assign to Multiple People

    Spread the responsibility, assign milestones to one or more people.

  • Milestones Description

    Expand on the details and requirements of a milestone with a description.

  • Milestone Reminder

    Set up email and text message Reminders and send them to people responsible for completing a milestone.

  • Milestones Calendar

    Use the calendar to view and complete upcoming milestones.

  • Tags on Milestones

    Group, search, and filter milestones using tags.

  • Add Multiple Milestones

    Save time by adding multiple milestones at the same time.


  • Messages Within Projects

    Write to your team with the message function in Teamwork Projects.

  • Organize Messages in Categories

    Group your messages into appropriate categories.

  • Composing Message

    Our editor makes composing messages easy. Add bold, italics, and links to demonstrate your point.

  • Attach Files

    Attach any relevant documents and images to your messages as files.

  • Message Privacy

    Adjust message privacy to only allow certain people to view messages.

  • Archive Messages

    Keep your project's messages section tidy by archiving any old messages.

  • Move Messages Between Projects

    Easily move messages between different and relevant projects.


  • Store Files in Projects

    Keep all your important in one place, in Teamwork Projects.

  • File Version Control

    Add updated versions of files to ensure clear visibility of the progress.

  • File Categories

    Group your files into different categories.

  • Image Viewer

    View an attached image within your project. No need to load it separately.

  • Upload from Dropbox, Google Drive,, and One Drive

    Upload files directly from the above tools. *Starting from our Startup and Small Office plans.

  • Move or Copy Files

    Move or copy files across tasks and projects.

  • Download Multiple Files

    Quickly and easily download multiple files at a time.

  • Upload Multiple Files

    Quickly and easily upload multiple files all in one go.

  • File Description

    Leave a synopsis description on your files.

  • Tags on Files

    Group files into categories using tags. Search and filter using these tags.

  • File Space

    Updated view of available space for files. *File space is dependent on what plan you are on.

Time Tracking

  • Log Time Spent on Each Task

    Easily keep track of the time you spend on your tasks.

  • Log Time on Project

    Readily record the time you spend on a project.

  • Start and End Time

    Use the quick add button to add time logs to your tasks.

  • Billable and Non-billable Time

    Categorize your time logs into billable and non-billable time spent on a task.

  • Tags and Description on Time Logs

    Outline and organize your time logs with tags and descriptions.

  • Timer in the Browser

    Use our Teamwork Timer in your web browser to accurately record your time logs.

  • Teamwork Timer Desktop App

    Accurately measure your time logs using the Teamwork Timer desktop app.

  • Time Tracking on Mobile

    Track your time on the go using our Android and iOS apps.

  • Track Time with Third-Party Apps

    Use third-party timer apps to record your time logs.

  • Export Time Reports

    Export time reports to gain valuable insights on how you and your team are performing.

  • Estimate Time

    Use estimate time to plan how long a task will take to complete.


  • Invoice Billable Time

    Quickly and easily create invoices using your team's billable time logs.

  • Set Hourly Rate

    Set an hourly rates to individuals to easily generate wages.

  • Invoice Expenses

    Simply add any expenses accrued.

  • Different Currencies

    Set your currency using our pricing method system.

  • Add PO Number and Notes

    Add PO numbers and notes to payment invoices.

  • Manage Opened and Completed Invoices

    Manage and edit any opened and completed invoices as necessary.

  • Export to PDF, HTML, and Excel

    Export your invoices to the above tools.

  • Export to Third-Party Apps

    Export your invoices to a number of third-party apps.


  • Create and Share Notebooks

    Write and share formatted content on a project with notebooks.

  • Notebook Versions

    Update and observe changes between your notebook versions.

  • Download as PDF or HTML

    Download your notebooks as PDF or HTML files.

  • Printable Format

    Only print what you want. Chose to leave out description, comments, etc.

  • Organize by Categories

    Group your notebooks using categories.

  • Tags on Notebooks

    Search and filter your notebooks using specific tags.

  • Private Notebooks

    Limit the privacy on a notebook as you see fit. Only allow visibility to the people you choose.

  • Comments on Notebooks

    Write your thoughts on notebooks with the comment function.

People, Contact, & Companies

  • Unlimited Users

    Keep your entire team onboard with unlimited users

  • Unlimited Companies

    Add an unlimited amount of client or partner companies.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Keep all your contacts in one place with unlimited contacts.

  • Customize User Details

    Create customized profiles for your users.

  • User Stats

    See at a glance what your users are up to with user stats.

  • Localization

    Localize your account to suit your language, time, and so on.

  • User Permissions

    Set the parameters and permissions of your users.

  • User Preferences

    You decide what, when, and how notifications are sent.

  • Edit Company Details

    Update your company details any time.

  • Export People to Excel

    Export people details to Excel if desired.

  • User Logged Time

    Observe, at a glance, user time logs over a specified time frame.

  • Downgrade User to Contact

    Downgrade a user to a contact at any time.

  • Upgrade Contact to User

    Give access to your contacts by upgrading them to users.

  • Advanced Project Permissions

    Set the Permissions for people within each project.

  • Move People Between Companies

    Update user details by moving individual or groups between companies.

  • Login History

    Check the last time and the total number of times your team has logged into your account.

  • User Statuses

    Let your team know what you're up to with user status updates.

  • View User's Projects

    Overlook the projects your team are working on.

  • View User's Tasks

    View your teammates task workload.

  • View User's Milestones

    Glance at the milestones associated with each user.

  • User API token

    View user's individual API codes.

  • Daily Project Report Email

    Gain valuable insights with daily project report emails.

  • Personal Integrations

    View all of your personal integrations at a glance.

  • User QR Code

    Use QR codes to attach information.


  • Full Calendar View

    Get a snapshot view of the important upcoming milestones, events, and tasks using the calendar.

  • View Tasks

    See, at a glance, how many tasks are due each day.

  • View Milestones

    View upcoming milestones on a monthly basis.

  • View Event Details

    Quickly and easily view event details.

  • Quickly Create Events

    Input meetings, holidays, and other events to the calendar with ease.

  • Repeating Events

    Adding recurring events into your calendar.

  • Event Details

    Set event details like type, description, who's attending, who to notify, etc.

  • Event Privacy

    Only allow certain people in your company to see particular events with privacy settings.

  • Notify Attendees

    Choose to notify @all users in your company or certain individuals by username.

  • Email and SMS Reminders

    Set email or SMS reminders to relevant people associated with the event.

  • iCal Feed

    Export and customize your iCal links.

  • Download Calendar Agenda

    Download your calendar agenda and subsequent important events for a specific period of time.

Apps & Add-ons

  • iOS App

    Use Teamwork Projects natively on your iPhone device.

  • Android App

    Download the Android app for Teamwork Projects.

  • Teamwork Timer Desktop App

    Use the Teamwork Timer desktop app to keep track of your time logs.

  • Chrome Extension

    Use the Teamwork Projects Chrome extension and use Teamwork Projects from anywhere in your browser.

  • Google Apps for Business

    You only need to login once to access both Google Apps and This creates a seamless, integrated experience for users.

  • Lots of Other Integrations

    Teamwork Projects integrates with loads more tools that you already know and love.

More Features

  • Advance Privacy on Everything

    Only allow relevant people to have visibility and access across projects with advanced privacy settings.

  • Tags on Everything

    Group everything into specific categories with tags. This will aid with filter and search functions.

  • Comments on Everything

    Easily view all comments across all your projects under the everything tab.

  • Follow Everything

    Add followers to everything and enable them observe all activity.

  • Custom Domain

    Create custom domains for you business.

  • Customize Logo

    Customize logos to suit your brand.

  • Customize Touch and Favicon

    Customize touch and favicon to match your companies branding.

  • Customizable Color Theme

    Adjust colour schemes to suit your preference.

  • Share Links

    Share links across tasks and projects.

  • Manage Risks

    Manage your risks with the risk register feature.

  • Complete API

    Complete and open API for you to use however you please.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts

    Fully equipped with keyboard shortcuts that will save you precious time.

  • Notification Center

    Real time hub for all of your notifications.

  • Smart Quick Search

    Quickly and easily search for anything within your account using smart search.

  • Set Defaults and Templates

    Create task templates, default task templates, and categories that you can use time and time again.

  • Backups

    Backup your entire database with MYSQL.

  • Webhooks

    Our webhooks implementation lets you easily develop push notifications. This push notification is simply a HTTP POST that is triggered by some action in your account.

  • Import Your Data

    Import your users, tasks, and projects.

  • Markdown Support

    Fully support markdown across the all aspects in your projects.

Security and Reliability

  • SSL Encryption

    We keep all your data secure with our 2048 byte length certification supplying a 256 bit AES encryption.

  • SSL Encryption for Enterprise

    All enterprise customers have their data stored on a server which is 2048 byte length encrypted, supplying a 2048 bit AES encryption, based on AWS key management system algorithm. All data is encrypted in state.

  • 99.95% Uptime

    Our system has a 99.9% average uptime. We offer 24/7 support to all our customers during any downtimes.

  • EU Data Protection Plan

    We retain all data on our system for at least five years according to EU Data Protection laws. This is for accounting and admin recovery data purposes.

  • Test Us

    If you are curious about our security you can request and schedule PIN (Penetration) tests. We'll happily show you how secure we are.

  • U.S. Privacy Shield Compliant

    We are compliant with EU Data Protection Laws, and we adhere to the industry standard best practices with regard to your privacy.

  • North American or EU hosting

    Choose to have your data hosted securely in either the US or EU. Find out more...

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"Within our digital transformation program, we found a critical GAP to fill to evolute collaborative and effective project management across our organization. So we did a detailed analysis to adopt the right platform. After few months of adopting teamwork projects, it has become an very valuable asset on this arena, but exceeded our expectations and is also helping us on strategic and productivity goals"...
Frank Jarrin Frank Jarrin CIO
After comparing feature sets and pricing from a bunch of online project management applications, I chose Teamwork Projects- and I'm delighted that I did. It's not just the great user interface and the terrific feature set; it's the team behind it. You guys are really responsive to user suggestions, bug reports and feedback. You're a real company run by real people. There's no waiting for a week to get an email back from you guys - I've never even had to wait an hour. You guys sincerely rock.
Sabrina Dent Sabrina Dent Freelance web designer at Sabrina Dent Design

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