Our story

How everything started and how it's continuing

JAN 2007
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

The idea was born

Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey founded their company, Digital Crew, almost 9 years earlier and have made a living building websites, intranets, and custom web-based solutions for clients in Cork, Ireland. At this point, their company has a good reputation internationally and they sell website components online.

However they found themselves up to their eyeballs in client projects. Peter Coppinger says,

Every Monday we held a meeting and discussed the current projects, reassigned tasks, and set milestones. We maintained a large whiteboard separated into 5 segments - Active Projects, Upcoming Projects, Sales, Meetings, and Billing. The whiteboard was neatly organized and gave us a sense that we were organized... but we weren't. The meetings were taking longer and longer. We knew we needed a better system.
Mar 2007
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Peter and Dan spend some time reviewing and using project management software. They try Basecamp, ActiveCollab, GoPlan, and more. Many are very expensive and overly complex, some are lacking basic features such as dates on tasks, and some seem to remain stagnant with the developers simply ignoring basic feature requests from customers. They want something intuitive that doesn't take time to learn and maintain. Something everybody in the company can use - not just the project manager.

Peter dreams of a software system that would basically manage a company, something extremely easy-to-use and generic enough that it could be used by all sorts of companies. He starts scribbling ideas on paper...

May 2007

Peter and Dan discuss the software they want to make almost daily now. And they have a name - Teamwork Project Manager (styled after Teamwork.com CMS - Digital Crew's bespoke website content management system).

The mission is clear
"Project management made easy!"

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Peter and Dan are too busy with 'real work' to dedicate time to developing the product idea. But fate intercedes and a manager from a multinational client calls Peter to ask if he would have time to do a simple project management system. They want something extremely easy-to-use that would list upcoming and late milestones. This is the opportunity Peter has been waiting for. He eagerly tells the client about the software he has been thinking about making for a while and the client agrees that it's exactly what they need.

Peter first reviews other popular project management systems to find out what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. Although other project management solutions exist, they are all too slow, clunky, and badly designed. None are what the client wants and Peter has in his head. He makes a list of what he likes and dislikes and puts pen to paper designing the software.

While on holiday to visit his sister in Boston for 3 weeks, Peter shamelessly neglects holidaying to stay up night-and-day working on the project management system. Dan, busy with other client work back in Cork, checks in every morning. Screenshots fly back and forth but Peter is reluctant to show the software running "until it's ready". Dan, also passionate about the development of their first real product, provides a steady stream of encouragement and suggestions.

Jun 2007
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

The software is installed for the client. Peter nervously waits for their feedback. Will they love it or loathe it? Peter checks back an hour later and the client manager has already set-up several projects, added staff, assigned tasks, and set milestones. Just then, the phone rings. The client manager tells Peter that this is exactly what he was looking for. He was able to use it right off-the-bat with no instruction manual. Software; the way it should be.

Aug 2007
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Dan works post-haste on Teamwork.com, adding his fair share of sleepless-nights to the tally. The software is lovingly sculpted bit-by-bit with sometimes heated 'discussions' over items such as the color of a link.

Their mission is simple - to make the world's most easy-to-use, fastest, and best project management system.

Sep 2007
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Weeks of preparation

  • Servers are set-up
  • Database is optimized
  • Software continually improved
  • The promotional website is made
  • And finally, the launch date is set
Oct 2007
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Everything is ready and has been tested a hundred times. Teamwork Project Manager is launched on October 4th 2007.

Almost immediately, through their respective software development blogs, curious users start browsing the website and Teamwork Project Manager receives its first sign up within an hour of launch!

Jan 2008
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

The user interface and look of the application has grown a great deal since the early days. As Peter and Dan were active customers of Basecamp (the most popular online project management application at the time), early adopters of the Open-Source ActiveCollab, and trial users of many other applications, the early design features were heavily inspired by the ease-of-use of these types of applications. Inspiration comes from a lot of areas such as Apple software, desktop-based software, online applications, the iPhone, etc.

Today, Teamwork Project Manager has adapted and changed to forge its own identity. Peter, Dan, Sam, and the rest of the Teamwork.com team love technology and user interface design, and spend a lot of time seeing what works and implementing ideas to make Teamwork Project Manager both intuitive to learn and use.

Jan 2009

We reach our goal. Teamwork.com now accounts for 100% of our business - we work full time on Teamwork.com. We welcome 4 new people to our team. Mike, Adrian, Donal, and Billy.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Feb 2009

Wow, things are really starting to take off for us. Our small team are working flat out adding features and replying to customers. We have a good few people using the host-it-yourself option including large, well-known companies in the states (we are seeking permission to publish their names). Thanks to everybody who support us and please, keep the feedback coming, it's helping us shape a fantastic product and user experience.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Apr 2012
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

In April of 2012, we roll out one of the all-time top requested features: sub-tasks.

Sub-tasks will help you break your tasks into smaller chunks; and, as Henry Ford once said, "Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs".

Aug 2012

5 years after founding Teamwork.com, business reaches an all-time high. To cater for this growth and future scalability we move the whole Teamwork Project Manager infrastructure to Amazon's EC2 Cloud.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Mar 2013

After 2 months of hard work behind the scenes, we unveiled beautiful Gantt charts for Teamwork Project Manager

Our customers are delighted — "This is amazing! Thank you so much for your hard work."

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Oct 2013
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

October 2013 sees the release of our biggest update to Teamwork Project Manager yet: a completely new user interface. It's a clean, crisp, modern design that we've worked hard to keep consistent with the product people already know and love.

This year also saw our team grow significantly with the arrival of Paulius, Adam, Patsy, and James. They've already had a big impact on what we've done and it sets us up perfectly for 2014.

Nov 2013
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Teamwork Project Manager has gone mobile. Now you can create tasks, log time, and get work done from wherever you happen to be. You don't have to be by your computer to work anymore. Collaborate with your team and work on tasks on the go with the Teamwork Projects mobile app.

Jan 2014

2014 starts in a blaze of fireworks with the unveiling of our new domain name, Teamwork.com. The rebranding costs us a pretty penny, but it's unbelievably well-received and we don't look back. It lays the foundation for the incredible chapter that follows, and paves the way for the expansion of our soon-to-be three-product company.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Jun 2014

Introducing the new Teamwork Timer app. Teamwork Timer has always been a big hit with our customers and is seen as one of the more important features in our software. Accurate billing and reporting is a must! Advanced time logging; we think this one is awesome!

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Jan 2015

BOOM! Another huge milestone. Teamwork Chat is revealed. Real time messaging to help maximize communication across the business for free. All the features of a great chat app and then some! Users can create rooms or brief conversations. All of this and the ability to action tasks directly to Teamwork Projects. 10,000 downloads in Chat's first 2 days. It's all kinds of awesome!

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Mar 2015

18 months in the making. March 26th 2015 Teamwork.com's third baby has finally arrived. Say hello to Teamwork Desk; our cool new ticket tool to support your customers. Having found a way to deliver amazing customer support we felt it would be wrong not to share it with the world. Measure your customer happiness, monitor your feedback, and keep harmony between your customers and your support team. We use it every day to deliver the ultimate customer experience. This is a game changer.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

We are now the proud creators of a suite of productivity software. Teamwork.com offers a suite of online productivity software which guarantees to maximize team performance. Comprised of Teamwork Projects, Teamwork Desk, and Teamwork Chat, each platform offers a way to streamline your team's processes and empowers your people to realize their unified potential and achieve true business success.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware
Feb 2016
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Since it's arrival in February 2015, Teamwork Chat has changed the way our whole team communicate. Teamwork Chat has come a long way in the last 12 months and it continues to evolve day after day. We're thrilled to announce that Teamwork Chat for Android and iOS has arrived. Just like our Teamwork Projects and Teamwork Desk mobile apps, the Teamwork Chat app allows you to remain productive when you're between meetings or on the go.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Teamwork Desk mobile app has arrived! There will be days when you need the freedom of not being tied to your desk, whether you're catching a flight or have five minutes between meetings, you can quickly tie up loose ends. Reply to your customers from anywhere and give stellar customer support on the go. Customer support never stops thanks to the Teamwork Desk mobile app.

May 2016
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Teamwork Projects for Enterprise become HIPAA Compliant. We now cater to the needs of all new Teamwork Projects Enterprise customers who require HIPAA compliance. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It's an extra level of security we are proud to provide to our Enterprise customers.

June 2016
about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

Introducing TKO in Teamwork Projects. We're excited to unveil the latest version of Teamwork Projects, code-name Total Knockout (TKO). 9 months in the making TKO proved to be a lot of work. But the reengineering of Teamwork Projects has significant benefits for our customers. Most notably, we now have a framework that will allow us to release new features much faster than ever before.

about teamwork.com the greatest project sofware

2017 and onwards...

We have some amazing things coming really soon. Watch this space.

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